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Our Vision is be positioned as a World-Class Company in Quality Tooling Manufacture

We are a Team highly Trained in Design and Simulation

Our core Competencies:

Training and Development
Creative Thinking
Building Collaborative Relationships
Software And Technology

Our Services

Tooling Design

Efficient tooling design requires experience, product and process simulation.We train and certify our engineers to meet high design standards.

Reverse Engineering

For this process we have specialized 3D Scanning equipment, both for small parts (punches, blades, etc.) or complete large-format tooling such as a die for a truck side member or an automobile hood.

A professional reverse engineering requires a deep knowledge of the tooling design how it works to establish criteria when we cad modeling the component ensure the correct operation.

Tool & Fixture Manufacture

Starting from a design for manufacturing (DFM) manufacturing becomes an easy process to execute and control.
We have CAM programmed equipments.
And we monitor our processes by implementing efficient practices for manufacturing control.

Engineering Changes

We have great experience in updating tooling to the latest versions of the released product, either due to improvements or new product models.
We design and manufacture the necessary components to implement the new level of engineering.

Additive Manufacturig

Being able to evaluate a component before the manufacturing of the tooling is an advantage that we can obtain if we use additive manufacturing
Small production batches that do not justify a tooling also made using this technology.

Assembly accessories / prototype molds.

The only place where you will get the perfect solution for all your industry needs.

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